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  • Add a safe social space on your website.

    Provide your crowd a space to hangout and socialize on your topics. It's easy and free.

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    New exciting ways to increase revenue and stand out from the crowd. Don't loose your audience by sending them to other platforms to engage with you, fighting the - long lost - algorithm battle.

    Now directly engage with your audience on your own website. Brand your own social space, market your stories, and increase time spend on your site with topishare's Let's Talk button. Our currents partners have seen a 30% increased engagement, 60% more time spend on their site, and have doubled their return visitors!

    Keep your audience updated with instant notifications and an innovative direct email marketing tool.

    Create a long lasting bond with your audience. Not only will your audience be more faithful and more willing to subscribe to your services, they will also be more than happy to suggest your organization to others. And as we all know, word-of-mouth is the most powerful advertising any business could ask for.

    Ask your trusted audience to share your stories with their close friends and relatives, instead of spending money on (fake) advertising.

    And explore and discover new audiences in over 90 countries!

  • Let topishare build a crowd around your products, services, and business!

    Add your own tailored Let's Buy & Book buttons, reach potential customers in over 90 countries and increase sales with the click of a button!

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    Embed topishare's Let's talk button to your site and grow engagement instantly! Easily reach your (potential) customers and have meaningful conversations, increasing the time people spend on your web site.

    Exponentially grow your sales with topishare's Let's Buy button. Add the Let's Buy button to your own social space to allow potential customers in over 90 countries to discover, explore, and buy your products and services. It's an additional space for your sales!

    All your services and products will only be one click away from your customers through topishare's Let's Buy button.

    Easily show your customers all the options available! Whether it's a nice dinner at a restaurant, weekend getaway, or a night at the movies. Have an additional space to advertise your services and products in a user-friendly way. This customer-oriented vision will increase your revenue!

    Let topishare create an active community around your products, services and business with our Let's Talk button. Increase your sales by adding an additional sales' space with our Let's Buy button. And show your customer what they want and need with the click of a button with our Let's Book button.

    Want to advertise a one day deal? Use topishare's e-mail marketing option for your community! Let your customers know instantly that the item they would like to purchase is available on discount.

  • Discover new and interesting things.

    It's not about selfies, it's about topics that matter.

    Create and join safe social spaces on each and every thing that matters to you.

    Control everything from privacy, to what you see on your news feed.

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