topishare is perfect for your business

A Kingdom for your

topishare is perfect for your business.

People are more comfortable sharing and interacting on a social network. That is why creating a kingdom for your business will help you attract more people and engage the people you've already attracted.

What's more, research shows that direct conversation is more likely to create better results. Instead of sending direct mail, you will have direct contact - and conversation. There's a reason 29% of the world's entire population is already active on social media.


So what makes topishare so special?

It's free!

Yes, that's right. It's free. And not only is it free now, but it will always be free. We're not going to start charging you later down the road, because it is not part of our business model.

It's more viral!

The organic reach on Facebook is only 2.6%, and only Facebook users can interact with it, which limits your audience potential. Within topishare's viral landscape, even non-registered users can reach and engage with your kingdom - they can like, comment, and more.

The perfect advertising strategy.

topishare gives you space for your own free and paid-for ads. Instead of spending money chasing followers or likes, you can advertise your business for free, besides the regular paid ads. This is how it works: at your own kingdom you can advertise for free, and if you're good (like, really good), you'll earn even more ad space outside of your kingdom to generate income. Imagine setting up a free social network in less than two minutes, increasing your reach for zero dollars, and making money without chasing your audience. It's not a dream - it's 2016, and this is topishare's reality!

We're giving away free advertising!

Every month, we'll choose a business at random to be our winner, and they will get free advertising in other topishare kingdoms, through campaigns and sponsored ads.

Build your own tools for you own need

We can create tools for you, or your developers can use our API to develop any tool you want or need. We provide all the building blocks, which your programmer can use.

And lots, lots more...

topishare has all the benefits of expensive advertising, without the ridiculous price tag. It's free, targeted, and easy to use. What's not to love?

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