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We need to take back our
control over our content
Right now.

At topishare, you are in full control.

YOU control the posts you share, and who you share it with,
and YOU control what posts you see.


Why should I care?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites control your posts, who you connect with, and what's important to you:

  • they control ownership over your posts
  • they control what you see, and who sees what you share

Should they decide what matters to you?

You are granting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, license to use your baby pictures and vacation videos: these are the lengths to which social networks go in order to monetize their 'free service'.

And they limit who sees your posts. Facebook, for example, even acknowledged they are limiting the 'organic reach' (not-paid-for posts), so you will pay to have more views!

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are 'forcing' you implicitly to behave in a particular way in their algorithmic environment.

These algorithms keep content from you
that might be important.

They decide what you will see in your feed, based on your likes, clicks, time spent reading something.

Imagine you are a cat-person, and your best friend is a dog person. You don't often like their posts, because you just don't like dogs. Your friend will, automatically, disappear from your feed! Does your difference on 1 topic mean you don't want to interact with each other at all?

We believe that you should control your posts, and control what is important, instead of some algorithm telling you what it thinks is important!

At topishare, YOU own your posts, and YOU control
what you see and who you share it with

We are a platform for you to use, we don't use you for our gain. We do not now, or will ever, own and use content you created. topishare has communities, we call them kingdoms. You can create a kingdom on any topic you like:

  • a kingdom for your classmate in which you discuss the reunion
  • a kingdom with your best friends in which you talk about every-day life
  • a kingdom on issues that matter to you: global warming, your city's walkabiity, human rights
  • a kingdom for your community where you coordinate day-to-day issues
  • a kingdom on entrepreneurship where you share best practices with other entrepreneurs
  • a kingdom for your own business where you engage with your customers

The possibilities are endless!

And you are in control! You decide if you see the posts in a kingdom chronologically, based on popularity, or who shared them. Not some algorithm deciding what it thinks you may want to see!

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