We value your privacy.

We at topishare
value your privacy.

In the past ten years, you have shared more and more personal information, either you decided to openly share it, or it was taken from you. And being part of modern life is becoming increasingly difficult without allowing major social media networks to take, own, and sell your private information.

Facebook, Google, Foursquare and every other social network benefits from you sharing parts of yourself. They make money with your information and your content.


We don't use or sell your information or content.
We don't have to.

So how does it work?

So how does it work? Instead of analyzing all the personal information you have, links you click, and likes you give, advertisers on topishare have space to reach you in the topics themselves. The kingdoms can have advertisements on the right side of the page, targeting the audience they want. So, perhaps if you follow a topic on cats, you will see an advertisment for cat food.

Why should I care?

You probably know Facebook is tracking your preferences when you use an app, for example, but few realize you're being tracked in other ways, too. And that's what third-party companies are banking on. And did you know Facebook can listen in your private conversations when you are writing a status update?

The data that Facebook, Instagram, Google and others collect of you, is sold to advertising companies. The information they receive can be used to look up individual profiles, which, depending on the site and the information, include your real name, age, hometown and occupation.

We don't use your private information. Your information is yours.

And this is important. For two main reasions.

Do you remember the dad who found out his teenage daughter was pregnant because Target collected her information and sent her ads for baby products? And this is only getting worse.

Companies are becoming experts at looking at your information and can predict, for example, your chances of getting a heart attack, cancer, and other diseases. Try to get a good covering healthcare policy if they think you will be a high risk client.

Or what about hackers? Your information that is collected by these social media networks is stored on a third-party server. And not all of them have high security levels, making it easy for hackers to turn 'insignificant' pieces of your, stolen, information into their profits.

This has to stop.

Everything you've uploaded or said on social networks has a lot of hidden information, and the technologies are under development to unlock it.

We, at topishare, do not collect, or sell any of your activities.

Feel safe to share what you want, without the fear that what you share will end up on the streets.

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