topishare will share its profits with you

Earn Money with topishare

topishare will share its profits with you.

You're the only reason social networks are powerful. Major corporations, such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram, make money with what you post. This is ridiculous. We are not in the business to earn off you, we want YOU to earn with what YOU share instead.


How does it work?

Every month you can earn money by being the most active user. If you create a Kingdom that has the most, new users, posts and comments, you can earn monthly $50! But not only. If you are the most active user on topishare - by commenting, sharing, posting interesting stuff - you too can earn $20, $15, or $10!

So, what are you waiting for? Start topisharing!


You control who advertises where. Companies who want to advertise on topishare will upload their ads to the advertisers' pool. You, as user, can choose which advertisement you want for which kingdom. After that YOU will receive 50% of what the advertiser pays per day.

Advertising on topishare will be 1$ per day. So, when an ad runs for 30 days, you will get 15$ of the 30$ the company pays!

And, you will be able to earn by engaging with the ad. So, for example, when you click on or share an ad, you can earn from it as well!

Quality Content

Every time you share a quality post reaching a certain level of engagement (votes, comments, shares and more), topishare will share part of our profits with you. But: a quality post is NOT advertisements or promoting someone or something.

Stay tuned, it'll starts soon

We'll notify you when it launches.

Meanwhile, be active, share quality content that matters, and you may well start earning money with it we start!

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