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User-controlled social network, from privacy to advertising, centered around topic-based conversations.

People from over 70 countries are already sharing in more than 500 kingdoms with topishare. Why?

Privacy: Share without your information and content being sold or used.

No Algorithms: Control what you see and who you share it with. Post anonymously or as yourself.

User-controlled advertising: Earn with your content, activities, and by controlling ads you like.

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“I like topishare because I can create kingdoms on things I am interested in, and I am in control of them. I like sharing with my family and friends, but I don’t necessarily want them to cross paths…”
Social networks take my control away. It’s my life and should be my control.
“So, I booked a flight to Spain. For two months, or maybe even longer, ads for hotels in/flights to, and whatever touristy stuff in Spain, were thrown in my face. That’s pretty creepy, and super annoying. That’s why I joined topishare.”

“I quit several social networks after it hit me that I’d spent several hours just scrolling my newsfeed, not doing anything, really. I’d like to be involved in a social network where I can learn, where I can discuss what I’m interested in.”
I hate the cluttered newsfeed. Now I can see what I want to see.

“After more than 10 years, I had almost forgotten how I once dreamt of an evolution, and then topishare appeared: combining the idea of connecting, like with social media, and talking to-the-point on what I’m interested in, like with forums”
Why should social make money of my content?